How to Update / Change Aadhar Card Photo / Pic / Image?

Change Aadhar card photo option is available by UIDAI if your want to update or change your photograph / pic on your Aadhar card. You are photographed at the enrolment center itself. There is no option to submit a passport size or stamp size photograph at the Aadhar Enrolment center. There might be a case where you came to the enrolment center looking awful and were photographed there. And chances are that the Aadhar card image of you came out to be ugly or not as per your desire. No need to hesitate as you can change your Aadhar card image via Online or offline procedures.

How to change Photo on Aadhar Card Online / Offline ?

UIDAI has made provisions with the help of Indian Government to update or change image on Aadhar Card. You can change your pic on Aadhar card easily whether offline or online. Many citizens are looking for possible solutions to change Aadhar card photo on the Internet, but are unable to find any. There could be a possibility that your Aadhar card pic came out to be ugly, unclear photo, blur photo. Good news is that you can update Aadhar card photo by reading our guide on how to change aadhar card pic. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to change your Aadhar card image.

Change Aadhar Card Image via Online Method

UIDAI unfortunately doesn’t provide any system to change your aadhar card photo online. You have to follow the offline method mentioned below in order to change your unclear or blur Aadhar card photo.

Change Aadhaar Card Photo via Offline Method

Since we are unable to change or update Aadhar card photo online, UIDAI has made arrangements to change your photo offline. Along with your photo, you can make changes or corrections like your Full name, Postal Address, Gender, DOB (Date of Birth), Mobile Number and Email Id by following our guide.

Method 1:

A total of 2 menthods have been mentioned by UIDAI in order to change or update you Addhar card photo. The first method is to send a letter to UIDAI Regional office with your correct passport sized photo along with a attested photo id and a photocopy or xerox of your existing Aadhar card.
UIDAI Aadhar Card Regional Office Address
Khanija Bhavan,
3rd Floor, No. 49,
South Wing Race Course Road,

Method 2:

In the second method, you need to visit your nearest Aadhar enrolment center where you had enroled for the new Aadhar card and got your Aadhar enrolment slip. In case that Center has been closed, you can find other nearest Aadhar enrolment center by clicking here “Aadhar Enrolment Center“.

Visit the enrolment center along with the Aadhar correction form also know as Aadhar update form where you have to fill up and submit the form. You will be asked to give your biometric details like your fingerprint scan and retina scan in order to verify your identity. The Aadhar card photo change or update process is totally free of cost and you don’t have to pay anything for that service. The photo will be updated in the Aadahar database within 15-20 days after submiting the change application form. You can check the status of your Aadhar card photo change by clicking here “Aadahar Card Status“.

Download Aadhar Card Photo Correction Form

The Aadhar Enrolment and Correction form are the same. Download the correction form mentioned in the link below:

Take printout of the above form, fill it up and visit your nearest Aadhaar enrolment center and submit the form.

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