How to make PVC Aadhar Card

PVC Aadhar card is amazing. Aadhar card has been made complusary in many institutions. It is a unique identifier for every individula who is a citizen of India. It assigns a Aadhar number to every individual as well as stores biometric details like fingerptints and retina scans on their database. The service is free of cost and every individual who is a citizen of India can avail it for free by visiting a Aadhar center and providing the required details. After sucessful application, your Aadhar card will be sent to you via post. To maintain costs, a paper version of your Aadhar card is sent via post. The paper Aadhar card can be easily misplaced or torn. Also, It does not fit inside your wallet easily.

pvc aadhar card plastic aadhar card

There is a simple solution to this problem. One can get a Aadhar Plastic Card (PVC Aadhar card) made through verified Aadhar centres. The cost of it is around Rs. 30 but it is worth it. The PVC Aadhar card(Plastic Aadhar card) is the same size as a regular debit card which fits perfectly inside any wallet. On the front side of the PVC Aadhar card, there will be a photograph, full name date of birth, gender, aadhar number(uidai number) and QR Code. On the back side of the PVC Aadhar card, your full address in your local language and English will be mentioned. You can avail multiple copies of your PVC Aadhar card for Rs.30 each.

Benefits of PVC Aadhar Card

  • It is made of plastic so it remains very durable and strong for a long period of time.
  • Like its paper counterpart, barcode readers can read barcodes from the PVC Aadhar card easily.
  • Chances of it being spoilt is very less since it is waterproof.
  • Standard Debit card sized so it’s easy to carry in a wallet.
  • Will also be treated as a original Aadhar card.

Steps to get a PVC Aadhar Card

  • The Aadhar card holder has to visit the nearest Aadhar center who makes PVC Aadhar cards along with the original Aadhar card.
  • They need to provide their Aadhar number, biometric details like fingerprint and also the OTP that will be recieved on the linked mobile number.
  • The PVC Aadhar card will be printed through thee eKYC service provided by UIDAI(Unique Identification Authority of India).
  • Your PVC Aadhar card will be printed and handed over to you once you have successfully complated all the verification steps.

Please note that your Aadhar number is confidential and should not be shared with anyone. There are many agencies that print PVC aadhar cards but are not registered and verified by UIDAI. Make sure they are registered before approaching such agencies.

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