Is this E- aadhaar card is valid?

There might be a case where you have lost your Aadhar card that came by post and you need a copy of your Aadhar card urgently. Indian Government and UIDAI office has made arrangements so that you can download e-Aadhar card in that case. Many people are confused and worried whether the PDF e-Aadhar card file downloaded from the internet is valid or not. Like if a TC in a train asks you for your Aadhar card, can you show your e-Aadhar card downloaded from the internet or not and whether it is valid or not.

We want to tell you that the e-Aadhar card downloaded from the internet is 100 percent valid and can be used as an alternate to the Aadhar card that came by post. This facility has been made availabe so that you can use your e-Aadhar card in case of any emergency situation where you have to submit or show your Aadhar card to someone.

You can downaload the e-Aadhar card from the UIDAI portal. You can follow our guide on how to download Aadhar card online. Download the e-Aadhar card PDF file and take a printout of it. It will work as sasme as the original Aadhar card. You can show and submit that e-Aadhar card where its required as a ID proof.

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