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mAadhaar app is an Android application that has been developed by UIDAI. They launched it on 17th July on the Google Play Store. It is the official android app for aadhar card. Unique Identification Authority of India made the mAadhaar application so that smartphone holders can carry their demographic information with them. There is no official statement by UIDAI whether a similar application will be launched for Apple iOS or not. We are expecting a similar app in the future for Apple Iphone as well.

Download mAadhaar app for Android

Features of mAadhaar application:

  • Profile Downloading – All demographic details of the Aadhar number will be available in the mAadhaar application which would be convinient to carry around anywhere, anytime.
  • Biometric Locking and Unlocking – Holder of the Aadahar card enable biometric locking which would lock all his boimetric details stored in the Aadhar system database. The Aadhar holder can enable and disable this system as per his with through the mAadhaar app.
  • Generate TOTP – Aadhar card system uses a algorithm called time based one time password algorithm which provides the Aadhar holder an alternate to the traditional SMS based OTP.
  • Profile Updating – Aadhar holders can request updates to their aadhar card via the mAadhaar app. The application will then show the updated view of the aadhar card once the update request has been processed by UIDAI.
  • Share Aadhar card data using QR code – Aadhar holder can share their eKYC details using the mAadhaar app. The eKYC data include demographic data which can be shared among Aadhar holders by scanning a QR Code from the mobile phone camera.

How to Download mAadhaar App for Android:

Step 1 – Visit Google Play Store using your Android smartphone using the link below

Step 2 – Click on “Install” button

Step 3 – Accept all the permissions and click on Continue

Step 4 – The mAadhar application will be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone

Step 5 – Open the application. It will ask for a mobile number. Enter your mobile number. The mobile number should be the same as entered during the time of enrolment of Aadhar card. The app will automatically verify you using OTP sent via SMS.

Step 6 – Create a new profile by entering your Aadhar number manually or by scanning the QR code on your Aadhar card.

Voila. Your mAadhar app is ready to use.

Note: You have to enter your registered mobile number in order to use the mAadhar app. In case you need to update or change your mobile number in the Aadhar database, you can check our post by clicking here.

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