Download e aadhaar card / by UID number / by Enrollment no.

Download Aadhar card using your  UID number or Enrolment number issued while enrolling for Aadhar card. All the systems are online, hence it is easy to get your lost Aadhar card using your Aadhar number also known as UID number or your Enrollment Id number also known as EID. Get your lost aadhar card back from the aadhar card UIDAI website. Indian government has made arrangements to download e-Aadhar card from UIDAI website which will be considered valid and will be original. e-Aadhar card copy will also be considered as an Identity proof same as the Aadhar card that came by post.

Please note that this is only a informational website on Aadhar card. The Official Indian Government UIDAI websites are and