Can NRI apply for Aadhar card number?

Indian Government has made Aadhar card service which is unique for India and in a sense to unite the citizens of India. Aadhard card service is available to all the residents who reside in India and also for NRI (Non-resident Indian and person of Indian origin). NRI’s have to submit the same documents which is submitted by any other citizen of India.

The NRI has to be present at the Aadhar card center since biometric features such as Eye iris scan and fingerprints of the person making the Aadhar card is compulsasry. He would have to visit India in order to enrol for a new Aadhar card since Aadhar centres are not available outside India.

After visiting the Aadhar card enrolment center, the NRI will be asked to submit his documents as any other citizen residing in India. He would also be asked to give his biometric signatures like his finger prints and Eye Iris scan.

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