What is Aadhar Card?

The Government of India has issued a unique identity called Aadhar card to every citizen who resides in India and NRI too. The department that would be responsible for the creation and functioning of Aadhar card is UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India. The sole purpose of UIDAI Aadhar Card is to provide a unique identity to each and every citizen of India and NRI’s too.

What id Aadhar Number?

Aadhar number is a 12 digit numerical identity that is provided by UIDAI. It is alloted to all the people who enroll for Aadhar cards and is issued by the Indian Government. It is based on a biometric system as they will scan your eye retina and fingerprint which is unique for every person in this world. The scanned biometrics is converted into barcode.

What is Enrollment Number?

Every citizen enrolling for a Aadhar card is issued a 14 digit unique number by the UIDAI Indian Government.

What is EID?

EID stands for i.e. is a full form for Enrollment Id

Enrollment Id is a 28 digit unique number. It is issued by UIDAI when someone enrolls for a Aadhaar Card. It is written on the acknowledgement slip issued when making the aadhar card and is necessary if you want to download Aadhar card online.

The format of EID is as follow:

EID No : 1234 / 12345 / 12345 YYYY MM DD HH : MM : SS
EID Number Example : 7777 / 77777 / 77777 2018 / 05 / 05 11 : 11 : 11

  • EA Code – 4 digit
  • Station Code – 5 digit
  • Sequence – 5 digit
  • YYYY MM DD – 8 digit
  • HH : MM : SS – 6 digit